No more hassle with recording
your own screen

Automate your screencast videos for customer support, marketing and sales.
You create a manuscript using simple text. Studio1 instantly renders a video of your web app.

How it works

Step 1
Create a screencast manuscript using actions such as "Click", "Type" and "Goto".
Step 2
Choose your voice, write a voice-over manuscript and get instant synthetic speech.
Step 3
Click a button. Lean back while Studio1 records your video.
It only takes a minute.
Step 4
Embed your video on your website or export to YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and more.
Save tons of time
Creating great support videos with Studio1 will save you time. We use reproducible manuscripts, so you can re‑render your videos again later, which saves you even more time.
Beautiful videos
Smooth, well‑paced, perfectly sharp screen recordings, accompanied by great sounding voice‑overs. No shaky mouse movements. No typos. No awkward mouth‑breathing.
Always up‑to‑date
Your software is ever‑evolving.
Your support videos should keep up!
Customers expect accurate information.
Push a button and all your videos are re‑recorded and updated.

Studio1 videos in action

By Studio1 support
"Studio1 is an intuitive platform. I'm not very technical, yet I'm able to create customer training videos within minutes each."
Kevin Bourne from Cobalt Labs
By Studio1 support
"Studio1 eliminates the need for retakes due to messing up mouse movement, typos, or changing your mind in the middle of the script."
Jesper Klingenberg from Timekit
By Studio1 support
"With Studio1 we're able to make awesome explainer videos, and keep them all up-to-date with one click."
Christian Johnsen from Alfabeto

Which bucket are you in?

Most companies find themselves in one of these buckets:
None or too few
Spending too much
video content
Studio1 alleviates all these symptoms.
Let's get you out of those buckets!

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